terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2017


Read it listening to "Plain White T's - 1,2,3,4"

Drank a couple of glasses and then told a bunch of secrets u would never imagine
You smile and understood, u were in the same wave and accepted to drown yourself with me. That totally made me and unarmed heart. Me, the person that built a wall a long ago. Now I have fear, feel sick, feel joy...

Can't find a luv song that doesn't remind me of u. Trust and lust. How can I possibly be like this? I do not believe in myself and my sensations. A little smile of u shines my day as it was the brightest sky. The Friday.

How would you feel... lol I think I completely gave myself and trusted in my leap of faith. Not ashamed anymore to tell u 'bout my eyes. About how much I like to touch ur skin and move ur hair. How much I like your hug. Or hugs.

4u. It's happening. I've been like this before and I thought it was more and broke myself. But I am not afraid. I am happy, you make me feel joy whether u know it or not. I allowed myself and stopped fighting against... all. I liked when u said u r in the same way. U r almost like me. That is good, u understand all I say in less than a sound, just by my eyes... lets see.

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